Join us for a Chunky knit blanket Workshop $160.00 or purchase a Chunky knit blanket $139.99

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Drop In Workshops

Great way to celebrate a special occasions, ladies event, date night. 


Lots of Fun


Blanket Ladder Workshops

Furniture Painting Workshops

Serving Tray Workshops

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Hours Of Operation

Monday- Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

DIY Projects In the Studio

Would you like to make a Blanket Ladder, Serving Tray, Custom Sign? Can't Make it to our Workshops? Book 2 days in advance and create your project in our studio. We are open 7 days a week! Email us at or call 905-689-9799.


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Custom Made Signs


Griffin has Creative fun signs. We also will Custom make a sign for any occasion. 

Custom Furniture Painting


No time to paint your Furniture? We will paint it for you. Pick Up and Delivery Available. Send us a picture at for a quote.

Furniture Restoration

This chair was in the family for several generations. It was stained, repaired, reupholstered.

This chair was in the family for several generations. It was stained, repaired and reupholstered with original fabric.

Barn doors


Custom Made Barn Doors. Add Character to any room, family, kitchen, laundry or a room divider. Call for a quote 905-689-9799



We do a wide range of repairs, Carpentry,

drywall, painting and exterior work. We can also refer you to a trusted Electrician and Plumber. 

In Partnership with United Way Halton & Hamilton


Griffin Vintages donates a small amount of money from each sale including DIY workshops to fund local community programs. 

Bluestone House Furniture Painting

Check out this great video from our supplier Bluestone House. Locally sourced from Dundas, Ontario! Yes,

Canadian Made High Quality Paints,

reasonably priced.


Chalky Vs Silky Patina Paint

Additional Information


Chalky vs Silky

Silky Patina & Chalky Patina

What's the Difference ? 

Chalky Patina is Perfect for that 

French Country Vintage Distressed look that is so desired !!! 

Chalky Patina has natural Canadian chalk minerals added to give you...

  • a matte chalk- like finish
  • incredible adhesion
  • amazing durability
  • no priming - no stripping - no pre-sanding
  • ultimate coverage
  • ultra low VOC's
  • can be sand distressed or wet distressed
  • virtually no smell 
  • 100% acrylic water-based paint  with Chalk !
  • soap & water clean up
  • little to no brush marks when drying
  • quick drying - re-coat the same day !
  • Canadian !!!
  • indoor / outdoor 

Chalky Patina usually covers in 2 coats. Whites usually require 2-3 coats. The most amazing part about this wonderful paint is that because of the chalk, the finish is slightly rough,  and when sanded to smooth out the finish and/ or distressed,the paint crumbles away instead of scratching the piece, hence giving you a time worn appearance rather than a sanded one. Chalky needs to be lightly sanded to give you a smooth finish before using a topcoat. I always use our Signature Bluestone House™ Beeswax, as I find it is the best finish for durability and sheen. 

Silky Patina is Perfect for that French Country clean look !!!

Silky Patina is just that ! Goes on like with a silky smooth finish.

  • incredible adhesion to unfinished pieces
  • amazing durability 
  • no priming - no stripping
  • ultimate coverage
  • ultra low VOC's
  • virtually no smell 
  • 100% acrylic water-based paint
  • soap & water clean up
  • little to no brush marks when drying
  • can be rolled
  • quick drying - re-coat the same day !
  • can be wet distressed
  • Canadian !!!
  • indoor / outdoor 

Silky Patina is amazing on unfinished or porous pieces, but does require some pre-sanding on previously painted surfaces. Just a light scuff - NO STRIPPING.  Silky has no chalk in it at all ! It goes on very smooth and can be rolled as well. Silky requires a cure time. That means when you have finished your project & are happy with it - do not put anything on it or use it for a few days. Although it does require a cure time, it does not require a topcoat ! The finish has a lovely sheen comparable to an eggshell finish. Having said that, a clear varnish can be applied for extra protection. I always use our Signature Bluestone House™ Beeswax, as I find it is the best finish for durability and sheen.  
Which one should I use? That is totally up to you depending on the final outcome you are trying to achieve, how much use it will get & how effort you are willing to give.Which one is better ? They are two entirely different products with different outcomes, the question is which one is better for you ? 
Are the colours the same ? The colours are the same for both the Silky & Chalky although because one is matte and one has a sheen, they will catch the light differently and may look a little different

Revitalize & adore your furniture


Kitchen Table & Chairs DIY

We took this table and gave it a complete makeover. Paint and new cushions completely changed the look of the set. Don't buy a new table, revitalize the one you have. Visit our store and we will show you how.



Specializing in gifts for all occasions ! 

We carry Paper Hearts, a unique collection of cards specializing in  love, celebration, encouragement, gratitude, baby  and home.  Fairy tales really do come true ... this card is to celebrate a real life fairy tale! Use this card to celebrate a new home, a special relationship, a wedding, anniversary or simply encourage someone you know not to give up on their dreams! Happily ever afters happen every day 


Canadian Made Products

Griffin Vintage supports Canadian made products. Proudly supporting our Canadian made Candles, local soap suppliers , Chalky Patina Paints and from Nova Scotia Paper Hearts Card Collection

Featured Products



Blanket Ladder Workshop

Blanket Ladder Workshops are so much fun. We provide all the supplies you need to create your own Custom  blanket ladder.

Cost $129.00 Lasagna Lunch included.

Receive 20% off  in store home decor products on Workshop Day

Email to reserve your spot in an upcoming workshop. 



Please register at

Let us know is you have any food allergies.


Customer Service Guarantee

We value your buisness, we strive to provide the best customer support . If we can  make your event with us extra special, please let us know ! 


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